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                   Guardian Homes

As much as I would love to have all the dogs in my home, it is not possible for me to provide them with all the love and attention they deserve. Like other breeders, I utilize guardian families so my breeding dogs live in a loving, family home environment. My guardian program allows me to create several bloodlines and better manage which dogs breed with each other to prevent accidental breeding. 
A guardian family receives my pick of the litter for a discounted fee of $1000. I retain breeding rights to the dog and will be responsible for all things breeding related. The guardian family is responsible for all typical pet expenses and maintenance, including obedience training. Females will be bred up to age 4, while males will typically be bred longer. Once the dog has fulfilled its obligations in my breeding program, I will pay for it to be spayed/neutered and transfer full ownership to the guardian family.
Guardian families must agree to being flexible with dropping off and picking up the dog for testing, vet visits, breeding, and whelping. The guardian contract provides more details.
To qualify to be a part of my guardian program you must:
-Live within 45 minutes of Waldorf, MD
-Complete a home visit
-Have a fenced-in yard
-Keep up with routine vet care 
-Provide grooming every 6-8 weeks and ensure the dog does not matte or tangle
-Feed my recommended diet
-Not be relocating before the end of the contract

Note: You must maintain open communication, be open to periodical home visits, and provide a loving safe home for the lifetime of the dog. 
If you are interested in becoming a guardian family for Luv My Yorkies, and meet all qualifications, please email me at to request a virtual interview.

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