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Thank you for your interest in one of my puppies. I fell in love with breeding a couple of years ago after I welcomed Zoey into my home. I researched dogs, because I grew up with them, and as a disabled veteran, I knew a dog would be good for me. I settled on the yorkie breed and I'm so glad I did. Zoey is like my little human in dog form. My mother convinced me to breed her, and even though it was a lot of work, I really enjoyed it. I started to do more research on breeding and decided started my breeding program. One of my goals is to start a nonprofit that will provide yorkies as service dogs to disabled veterans. I pride myself in being one of the very few yorkie breeders that do ENS, ESI and other exposure activities to raise awesome puppies. I love breeding and I hope you will see the value I provide in my pups.

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